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Haldibazaar is  a Ecommerce website which providers the products like Turmeric Powder, Kumkuma,Chili powder,  Sinduram

The wide scope of turmeric medical advantages come fundamentally from its fixing, curcumin. This broadly investigated part of turmeric is profoundly helpful and is utilized in different medications and pharmaceutics essentially due to its insusceptibility boosting and against oxidant properties.

Lifts Immunity: Curcumin has a colossal helpful worth and boosting invulnerability is one of the most significant properties of curcumin.

Kumkuma is regularly applied by Indians to the brow. The explanation has to do with the old Indian conviction that “the human body is isolated into seven vortices of vitality, called chakras, starting at the base of the spine and consummation at the head of the head. The 6th chakra, otherwise called the third eye, is focused in the brow straightforwardly between the eyebrows and is accepted to be the channel through which mankind opens profoundly to the Divine”.

Sindoor is traditionally applied at the beginning or completely along the parting-line of a woman’s hair (also called mang in Hindi or simandarekha in Sanskrit) or as a dot on the forehead. Sindoor is the mark of a married woman in Hinduism. Single women wear the bindi in different colors for special occasions but do not apply sindoor in their parting of the hairline. Widows do not wear sindoor or bindis, signifying that their husband is no longer alive.


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