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Need a way to manage all of the information necessary to keep your life in order? Account balances, weather, world news, bills, investments, career resources, interests, important dates, the list goes on and on.
Each day, more and more information that is relevant to our lives is made available through the internet as website content and web services. But who has time to continually troll all the various sites to collect it all? What we need is a “personal intelligence agent” that will do it all for us!
Mentations is a useful and powerful Internet-enabled desktop dashboard that will monitor, analyze, categorize and react to all of your important information.
For example, suppose you are an investment banker, married with two kids, and an avid hiker. You choose the “Outdoors” theme, command Mentations to feed you information on your investment portfolio, sports scores, world news, family commitments, home maintenance needs, etc. At any time of the day, a dynamic picture will, at a glance, depict the real-time statuses of each of these categories!
No more simplistic ticker-tape style feeds like you currently get on your PDA and cell phone. Those are simply pushing raw data; not much value added there! In contrast, Mentations is not just a one-way delivery system regurgitating data, but will allow you, through simple point-and-click “meta-commands”, to interact with your sources of information, enabling you to easily control these linked facets of your life.
Furthermore, Mentations will eventually deliver targeted advice, opportunities, and merchandise offers based upon your interests, goals, and desires. Lastly, you’ll be able to share information and collaborate with other trusted users. Mentations finally provides the means for you to stem the information overload tide!


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Mentations is the first “personal intelligence agent” for the Internet.
Mentations provides you with everything you need to effectively manage your life on the Internet, including:

Account balances. Mentations monitors your bank accounts, credit cards, and offers you graphical tracking of your spending. Alerts you to purchases or transactions you might not otherwise be aware of, and delivers relevant news and updates.
Plan and manage your investments. Mentations is designed to help you keep tabs on your accounts, and to analyze your investment performance.
Weather. You can get live and localized weather information and also set up alerts when weather conditions fall outside your comfort zones.
News. Mentations monitors hundreds of international news sources, including dozens of world-wide web sites. It allows you to tailor the information you receive to your personal interests.
Monitor your email and phone. Mentations is designed to integrate with your existing email and phone services.
Stay on top of your bills. Mentations will scan your bills from all of your accounts to show you the status of each, and will also alert you to any potential problems.
Share your calendar with others. You can share your important dates with other trusted family, friends, and colleagues.
Buy, sell, and trade stocks. You can track your investments, take advantage of stock trading tips, track your portfolio, and more.
Hazard alert. Mentations can alert you when the weather conditions are dangerous for your health.
Research and find the information you need. Mentations lets you search the Internet to find the information you need.
View online pictures. You can view pictures of your friends and family, and customize the size of your photos.
View your web newsfeed. Watch out for news and updates from your favorite web sites.
Research and buy products online. You can easily research items, and track prices and availability.
And much more. Mentations will be able to monitor and analyze your other interests such as real estate, jobs, and hobbies, so you never miss an opportunity again.


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Mentations Features Include:

Nifty searches – Mentations allows you to enter any word or phrase and quickly search the web to find what you need. Mentations automatically narrows down the search results and displays them as a scrolling list. Clicking on a listing will launch the site in full screen mode.
Keyword searches –

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Mentations is a powerful, software-based “personal intelligence agent” that will monitor, analyze, categorize and react to all of your important information. The Mentations system will also be able to deliver targeted information, opportunities and merchandise offers based upon your interests, goals and desires.
What Can Mentations Do for You?
Mentations will allow you to manage your personal information in five main areas:
* Investments: Invest in any of your favorite stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.
* Family, Friends & Employment: Keep current on what’s new in your family, social circles and at work.
* Career, Fitness & Hobbies: Stay current on your job, career, professional goals, and Hobbies.
* Home & Consumer Goods: Monitor all of your home maintenance needs, consumer goods purchases, insurance, mortgages, etc.
* World & Community News: Keep current on world and community news.
Starting with the relatively simple tasks of monitoring the financial markets, Mentations will become increasingly sophisticated in order to deliver the ultimate digital dashboard.
Mentations will automatically:
* Refresh your portfolio’s stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.
* Subscribe you to a stocks, bonds, mutual funds and options channels so you never miss a beat.
* Subscribe you to an up-to-the-minute sports scores channel so you never miss the game.
* Update you on the weather, breaking news, world news and other important news!
* Subscribe you to an up-to-date news, sports, and entertainment channels.
* Subscribe you to an up-to-date news, sports, entertainment and world news channels.
* Subscribe you to an up-to-date sports scores, world news and entertainment channels.
* Subscribe you to a news, sports, entertainment and world news channels.
* Subscribe you to a news, sports, entertainment and world news channels.
* Subscribe

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Mentations is a “personal dashboard” that learns about what is important to you. By interacting with various websites, it can automatically update your dashboard with instant information about the websites you visit. At the same time, it can also monitor your calendar, email and instant messaging. Should it detect any calendar, status, project, task, appointment or information related activities, it will be automatically updated at your location. Through a click of the button, it can access the websites and other information sources you have set up within the program. Because it is such a powerful Internet enable program, it will also keep you up to date on the latest news, sports scores, home maintenance issues and much more!
Mentations is unique in that it offers a variety of “meta-commands” that will provide information, advice, leads and services that are relevant to you. You can tell it about how much time you spend on homework, to how much time you are saving, to how many minutes you spend exercising, to how many hours you spend reading, to how many miles you travel every month, to how many financial commitments you have, and so on. In short, you can tell it anything that is relevant to your lifestyle. A single profile will consist of multiple “Meta-commands” that can be altered, and then the information they present updated within Mentations.
Mentations Features:

What’s New in the?

A personal intelligence agent that will monitor and deliver information in an organized manner to your desktop.

“Scan and crawl the Web for information with Mentations! Just point and click”

The first generation version of Mentations is in it’s alpha release. We really do need your help testing it, and determining what features you’d like to see it have. You’ll be helping to move the software into production in what will be a very challenging environment.

The following are some of the features that are planned for Mentations, in no particular order of importance:

A powerful set of InfoSenseFilters to parse and categorize text based information
A powerful private messaging system that will allow you to communicate with your various sources of information and activity status e-mail/newsgroups
A database that stores your interests, goals and personal views, and automatically analyzes user data to deliver targeted information and advertisements
Preferences to determine a user’s personal mood and preferences
Daily, weekly and monthly summaries and reports
A customizable interface similar to Apple’s OSX GUI system
A fast, robust and feature-rich UI
A customized workflow that can be initiated by a user
Automatic export of Mentations’ information to MS Excel
Email based notification of “on topic” information

If you have used any of the following software, you’ll be immediately familiar with Mentations’ interface.

You should also be well versed in the use of the web browser. Here are the URLs to our test environment:

Some references for the key ideas Mentations is based on:


A free “spreadsheet” style application that will assist with the simple needs of a charting and budgeting program called SpreadSheet.

Your input is the key to making Mentations better and cheaper. Please help us get started on this project.

Mentations Team Members:

Mentations Team Lead:
Mentions Team Webmaster:

System Requirements:

1024 MB RAM
Graphics card recommended.
Windows XP
Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024 X 768
Minimum System Requirements:
PCI card – 512 MB
Apple macOS High Sierra
Mac OS X 10.11 or later
256 MB RAM
ATI Radeon™ R9 280 or higher
Intel® HD Graphics